Meet the CDE Associates

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When 26 Letters needs more magic, we call on our Superhero Friends to bring their glitter. Our Associates hold high degrees, decades of experience, and are more fun than sledding on a sunny afternoon in the mountains. Sometimes, we even go sledding on a sunny afternoon in the mountains!

Kim Larkin
MXD Arts
Kim Larkin is known for implementing highly effective best practice tools with organizations ranging from Fortune 100 and 500 companies to local nonprofit startups. Her practice focuses on utilizing creative, disruptive, and inventive approaches to create lasting impact. She combines leading business strategies, creativity, and human-centered design to develop actionable strategy, build transformation cultures, and listen to solve problems. 

Abby Wilkymacky
Mindflower Studio
Abby Wilkymacky is a facilitator, designer, and visual ractitioner. Mindflower Studio is a creative consultancy that helps socially-driven organizations define and solve problems through thoughtfully designed and facilitated experiences. Abby is known for her innovative facilitation and human-centered research techniques that drive creative participation in surprising, fun ways.

Sharon Tewksbury-Bloom
Do Good, Be Good
The public sector is full of great people seeking meaningful work and a chance to make a difference. But a few years into the job employees don’t feel appreciated, they lack trust in leadership, and they begin to disengage. I can help. I help you to design training or a facilitated staff meeting to work on interpersonal communication within your organization. My programs help employees build trust and share knowledge.