We Have Facilitators for Your Meetings Too!

Here’s the list of experienced, creative, awesome 26 Letters’ facilitators. If you need an expert to lead your meeting, read below to see which one suits your needs:

Cyndi Coon
Laboratory5, Inc.
What does producing an experience mean? It means we’ll start by sitting down and listening to your story to hear what you are up to. We’ll ask about the incredible ideas you have and the things you’re working on that you want other people to understand. We are ideas people over here at Laboratory5 so we’ll start bouncing in our seats excitedly, just listening to you. When we work together we’ll advise you and your team on a crazy over the top experience that involves creativity, play and wow. And we’ll have fun doing it!

Tamara Christensen
Idea Farm
Collaborate to innovate. Idea Farm helps leaders and cross-functional teams who want to innovate but struggle to collaborate. Our expert team of creative consultants delivers high impact unforgettable solutions and experiences to meet our client’s needs. At Idea Farm we are on a mission to transform the way it feels to work. We help clients turn empathy into action and solve problems with collaborative immersive engagements.

Sharon Tewksbury-Bloom
Do Good, Be Good
The public sector is full of great people seeking meaningful work and a chance to make a difference. But a few years into the job employees don’t feel appreciated, they lack trust in leadership, and they begin to disengage. I can help. I help you to design training or a facilitated staff meeting to work on interpersonal communication within your organization. My programs help employees build trust and share knowledge.

Chris Nicewarner
Silverstone Leadership Ventures
Silverstone integrates globally recognized Emotional and Social Competency Inventory assessments for individuals and teams. We use ESCI assessments to lead students through a continuum of identifying values through decision-making and execution, plus experiential education events that allow leaders to refine their skills in dynamic environments.