Play is good, Play is process

Play is a central part of my life. It keeps my curiosity stoked and it is what I am drawn to do. As I have grown personally and professionally, my “Play” has become more sophisticated.

In the early years, I played much like anyone did back then—outside running about the northern woods of Wisconsin or inside with art supplies. Professionally, I have traveled through many iterations of artistry and play.

I am an educated Graphic Designer, a successful greeting card manufacturer, illustrator, writer, crafter and product designer. Along the way of developing my interests into viable businesses, I have noticed the value Process plays in the ignition and growth of an idea. It’s exactly what allows me to reinvent myself over and over.

Being prepared to play is KEY. Thus, what I call “The Playground” was invented. This bin of my favorite tools goes wherever I go. See photo at right to inspire you to build your own Playground.

Take it wherever you go and get ready to Play!