The Hatchery

Hatching new ideas takes people, process and play

What does it mean to invent something new? Well, there’s nothing really new under the sun and hasn’t been for a long, long time. That’s great news! The pressure is off. So, how do we come up with something unique? It is our way of seeing — processing the world around us — that allows doorways in our brains and hearts to open up to what’s been there all along.

The point is, you have to connect the dots. Everything is there, you just need to find and use the tools for drawing the lines of understanding and discovery. THE HATCHERY is the place this happens.

THE HATCHERY is an open space of creativity for people to gather and co-create. This is not a crafting workshop, it is not an art class. THE HATCHERY is a unique think tank that is open to people who want to think in a unique way. Hatchlings go on to start something new, grow what they already have or change directions. People leave with a new sense of what is possible in the world.

Want to come? Email me to register and discover the next location in Phoenix, AZ. Great ideas are hatching!