About Sarah Spencer

Sarah Spencer of 26 Letters Studio is a professional visual storyteller and an experienced creative problem-solver across multiple disciplines. Sarah’s deep listening and quick drawing skills capture live presentations and conversations as they are shared. Sarah draws out the visual meaning from the spoken word and participants are inspired by the visual representation of what they are hearing.

Sarah is highly sought after to simplify complexity through her deep thinking and specialized craft. She is a published illustrator and writer, award-winning designer, creative workshop facilitator, graphic recorder, graphic facilitator, and culture expert.

Sarah is also a gifted creative who helps others find their creativity and employ it for a more joyful life. Listen to a recent interview with Melissa Llarena: https://bit.ly/3y1ZTZI

Sarah holds a BA in graphic design from the Rochester Institute of Technology and a Professional Project Management Certification from PMI.org. Happy inside the 1963 Airstream Trailer nestled in her lush garden, Sarah pursues her love of stories, comic tales, and magical wonders by expressing her craft in myriad ways. Paper crafting with scissors and glue is especially satisfying, as is drawing on paper and the iPad.

Sarah has decades of experience training people in leadership positions to be more creative and innovative. Her magic is in creating an environment for learning that releases anxiety and supports innovative thinking. This is especially valuable during leadership development events and when companies are building their culture.

Her years of research into culture, play, and creativity have resulted in an array of tools and techniques to guide participants through roadblocks and challenges in professional arenas. Visualization is the key component to success, and Sarah’s expert direction illuminates the power of visual communication for greater understanding, retention, and creativity.

Sarah loves life in the Sonoran desert with frequent jaunts to the mountains to refuel her soul. Her interests include writing, drawing, hiking, gardening, biking, snow skiing, and road-tripping around the country.

I simplify complexity through visualization – primarily by drawing complex content into easy-to-read visuals. My experience working with a broad set of professionals has educated me on the need to communicate more clearly to improve innovation and understanding.”
— Sarah Spencer, 26 Letters Studio

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