About Sarah Spencer

Sarah Spencer is a professional listener. Her ability to hear what is being said and synthesize it into vibrant images and meaningful text is valuable to leaders, facilitators and talent developers worldwide. Her graphic recording skills are honed from training and decades of practicing visual communication.

Sarah has worked with corporations, universities and non-profits of all sizes. What she finds most fascinating is watching the audience come alive with creative ideas, then afterward chatting with them about their own ideas. Many people are amazed at what they imagined and that Sarah was able to capture it beautifully. Her work creates a lasting impact for participants and clears the way for better retention and understanding.

Sarah enjoys all forms of creativity and loves to capture her thoughts on creativity and design with visual storytelling. Her interests include drawing, painting, gardening, bicycling, skiing, traveling and—as always—inventing new ways of doing things.

This is a dream job. I am always thrilled to be a part of the conversations that these amazing, intelligent people are having. I learn so much and have a great time.
— Sarah Spencer, graphic recorder, 26 Letters  

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