About the Airstream

The story goes like this. One day in 2009, I returned home to find boxes piled four feet high at my front door. At the time I was testing crafting machines and the manufacturer sent me packages almost daily. That day, our funny UPS man tossed the welcome mat over the top one and placed a sticky note on the door with the “under the mat” box checked.
   Overwhelmed and running out of room, we began to consider options for building a space on the property. We thought about the expense and time needed to build something of that magnitude and quickly turned to a more creative solution. I received a tip from a friend who guided me to airstreamclassifieds.com and within 2 weeks I had found a trailer – a 1963 Safari Airstream trailer ready to remodel.
   Erik spent the month of February remodeling. (Read about the remodel over at Inhabitat.com) He removed hundreds of rivets to rewire and insulate the walls. Floor and sub-floor were replaced, and I spent one day putting in the jalousie (slatted) window.
   Now the home of 26 Letters Graphic Recording Studio, this Airstream trailer is the perfect place to plan for live graphic recordings, shoot video and voiceovers, and conduct all creative endeavors that support my life here in the Southwest.