Maggots and mischief

Yeah, you read that right. Maggots. This little loathsome guy came to me recently and asked to be shown the light of day. He's little, but he's got the same drive that we all have. He's looking for the meaning of life. He gets around and sees a lot, therefore he's a pretty good observer of nature and all it has to offer. His primary focus is finding his next meal—meat—but he's got a life of his own, too. I can relate.



"maggot porn"


"maggot's got a long way to go"


"the hand off"


"where's the meat counter"


"maggots in nyc"


"the empire state building"

Learning Lula is off the the publishers!

We finished the story, illustrations and all. Now just waiting to hear if this piece of spaghetti will stick to the wall.

Colorado study

We went fishing in Durango. Well...Erik went fishing, I went illustrating. Here is a study of the Awesome garden retreat that was the back yard of the house we rented. I wish I could have stayed a month.

Learning Lula comes to life

This is the year Learning Lula gets her pens. Or rather, the pens get her.


Cool paper craft of gratitude

I have been needing to write thank you notes for weeks now and the only thing stopping me was I have not stopped at the store to buy some. My creative muse knocked me on the head and told me to get to work and be grateful for the fabulous gifts I have received lately. I broke out the Bazzil Basics paper, my stamps and my trusty pair of sharp scissors and got to work.

In the process I discovered a few cool effects. Above, I got the drop-shadow effect on the flowers with a silver Sharpie marker. On the typewriter, I cut it from paper and adorned it with black sharpie and white Gelly Rolls. Love those Gelly Rolls!

Finally, the pièce de résistance was discovering a fast and cool way to make birch trees (my favorite!). See above: scratch black lines on light gray or white paper with a fat Sharpie marker then cut in strips. You can see the result below...