Inner Mission: A new adventure at Creative Clarity Labs


Join us as we blast off into space to find new creative tools in the universe. We bring them back to the lab on Planet Creativity to test—and, we'll show you how to play with them and make them work for you, too! These one-minute creative breaks are best enjoyed when feeling stressed or uninspired. Like anytime at work, or during that wedge of time after lunch when you want to go take a nap but you can't. Co-captains Sarah Spencer and Cyndi Coon are ready to take off again soon, so climb on-board the Spaceship Airstream for an Inner Mission you wont forget!

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Maggots and mischief

Yeah, you read that right. Maggots. This little loathsome guy came to me recently and asked to be shown the light of day. He's little, but he's got the same drive that we all have. He's looking for the meaning of life. He gets around and sees a lot, therefore he's a pretty good observer of nature and all it has to offer. His primary focus is finding his next meal—meat—but he's got a life of his own, too. I can relate.



"maggot porn"


"maggot's got a long way to go"


"the hand off"


"where's the meat counter"


"maggots in nyc"


"the empire state building"

Learning Lula is off the the publishers!

We finished the story, illustrations and all. Now just waiting to hear if this piece of spaghetti will stick to the wall.

Colorado study

We went fishing in Durango. Well...Erik went fishing, I went illustrating. Here is a study of the Awesome garden retreat that was the back yard of the house we rented. I wish I could have stayed a month.

Learning Lula comes to life

This is the year Learning Lula gets her pens. Or rather, the pens get her.


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