When you want to do something extraordinary at your next meeting, brainstorming session, trade show, conference or corporate retreat this is what to do:

Call on me!

The first step after you decide that you need to have a graphic recording of your event is to email me to set up a phone call. Email me: sarah@26-letters.com or call 602 320 6655.

Where we go from there

When we get on our first call, I will help you get a sense of the best solution for your needs. Since the outcome will be an artistic artifact of the conversations that will happen at your event some pre-planning is in order. Before that happens, let's talk about you!

Before the event

Depending on your needs there can be light to heavy preparation needed. This will be determined in the contract. The prep sets us up for success and ensures the final artifact is exactly what you need, and then some.

During the event

During the event, I will be present for up to 6 hours recording the conversations and activities. I use artistic tools and large pieces of paper to capture all the juicy bits. At the end of the event, you will go home with a rolled up artifact. Photograph it or frame it. It is yours!

Why is graphic recording so valuable?
It’s the ultimate show-and-tell! It reveals the invisible conversation leading to—you guessed it—better retention, engagement, and comprehension.

If you’re considering hiring a graphic recorder for your next meeting or event, let's talk about your company, conference and goals.

Email me today! sarah@26-letters.com