I have been admiring all the rag flower hair clips and pins in Anthropologie and I have been hankering to make some for myself. Turns out it's really easy!

How to Make a Rag Flower Pin:

Cut fabric into strips (1"x20")

Tie 3 strips together. Leave a little "tail". It will be the center of the flower

Twist first strip.

Run lines of glue, and begin wrapping twisted piece around center knot

Tuck end in and glue, and repeat process with other 2 strips.

Twist, wrap and glue all three stips.

If you need to, secure with a pin until dry.

Choose a fastener and sew on the back after the glue is dry.

Snip center of flower to fluff out the center.

Use the iRock to apply some sparkle.

Have fun! Have a great weekend!

Until Tomorrow~Sarah